Lakeland Annexation Study Areas

It has been reported that Lakeland is still studying annexation (including Area D) that would include Mudville.

Scenario 1 includes annexation up to Kerrville-Rosemark Road.

Please note the Revenue and Expenditure Summaries for both Scenario 1 (annexation up to Kerrville-Rosemark Road) and Scenario 2 (annexation almost to the Tipton County lline) to include all of the area west of what is referred to as Beaver Valley.

The combined revenue numbers for Scenario 1 and the combined revenue numbers for Scenario 2 are of particular interest.

The information that has been provided is that Lakeland would not anticipate providing any police/law enforcement services in the annexed area (not sure how that would work).

Study Area, Scenarios, Revenue & Expenditure Summaries (PDF)

Lakeland-Annexation_Page_1-300x232 Lakeland-Annexation_Page_2-300x232 Lakeland-Annexation_Page_3-300x232 Lakeland-Annexation_Page_4-300x232 Lakeland-Annexation_Page_5-300x232

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