Atoka Mining Permit Update

An Open Letter from Trip Jones, Rosemark Civic Club President

Rosemark and Atoka Residents:

First let me thank everyone for the wonderful turn-out and show of solidarity against a gravel mine operation in Rosemark or Atoka!!!

The room was packed and not sure what the sign in sheets say, but at one point I counted about a 100 people in the room and some were standing.     .

Let me just summarize by saying that from all the presentations and speakers, we firmly believe that Atoka officials have abetter feeling for how much opposition and solid rationale there is behind not wanting this kind of business activity in our communities.

For anyone who missed the meeting, Jeff Nichols resident of Atoka, videotaped it all, and it is available at the YouTube link below. He has also put it on the FaceBook page Fans of Atoka, Tn.

In a previous note, I know I said that there would be three things for you to sign up for at the meeting.

1.) Petitions, 2.) comment cards if you wanted to speak, and3.) a chance to donate to a fund if we have to hire professionals to help fight this (examples: traffic engineer, geologist, or even attorney)  We hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, and you would like to be a part of that, you can send donations to:

Rosemark Atoka United
c/o Laura Sanford
9043 Barret Rd.
Millington,Tennessee 38053

Many of you inquired about where to send donations, but we decided it wasn’t appropriate last night.  .
We are not a non-profit, so there are no tax implications.  (We’re just a group of citizens in both communities wanting to see if democracy can work for us.) .

Last night, many of you met the attorney we have been consulting with.  She is the town attorney for Covington and she shared with the group how they recently denied a permit to a solar farm company and successfully defended it in court.

We will keep you appraised as this goes along.  Watch for Jeff’s postings on Fans Of Atoka, as well as FB page rosemarkatokaunited.  Both are closed groups so first time you will have to request to be a member.  .

If you know of anyone who wants to be on our email distribution list let me know.

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