Country Fair Music Tent

The Music Tent

This year’s line-up at the Music Tent offers some new twists and some tried and true favorites.

To start off, for the first time we will run our own sound system which will be a combination of loaned, rented, and borrowed equipment. In the past we have relied on one of the bands to provide the sound system for us. This along with a dedicated power supply for the stage will give us greater control over the output. We will also “plug in” to the bell tower speakers which will be used for general announcements and to broadcast awards. We experimented with this last year and found that it can cover the campus if properly used. The auto show will have a mini system for making their announcements.

As far as the musical talent, Concrete and Stone with Wally Wright (variety of oldies, country and rock) will cover the morning slot (roughly 10-12), with Sue and The Lenders (ladies doo-wop, oldies) taking the stage around 12:30-2:00. Two to four will be reserved for announcements, local talent, and a special square dancing demonstration. Come prepared to tap your toes, clap your hands, and sing along with this year’s line-up. By Trip Jones

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