2017 Rosemark Country Fair Agriculture Winners

By: Bonnie Briggs

The key to the success of the Rosemark Country Fair is its exhibitors. Each year the fair organizers try to expand the number and type of exhibitors. This is especially true of the agricultural equipment. One of the fundamentals of the fair is to promote our rural agricultural heritage and this exhibit helps to highlight this heritage. 2017 was our best year in terms of the quantity and quality of the agriculture equipment that so many brought to exhibit.

Our exhibitors varied from first-time exhibitors to members of an antique tractor club. Tractor models ranged in type and age from a 1941 John Deere to a 2015 Case. This year we were very fortunate to have two judges for the agriculture equipment exhibit. Mr. Joe McKinnon with Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom program and Mr. Jim Todd, Director of the UT Extension 4-H program served as judges. Overall there were 5 categories – Best of Show, Best Modern Tractor, Best Vintage Tractor, Most Unique Equipment and Game Changer. This last award is given to that piece of equipment that truly changed farming and provided farmers with more capabilities. The winners are listed below with a brief explanation –

  • Best of Show – 1956 Ford – this tractor was entered by the Chapman family and was restored by 3 generations of Chapmans. Clark Chapman, grandfather, Kyle Chapman, father and Westin Chapman, Kyle’s son.
  • Best Modern Equipment – 2015 Case tractor – entered by McDaniel Farms, Jeffrey McDaniel.
  • Best Vintage Equipment – 1941 John Deere Model “G” – entered and restored by Mr. Darrell Thomas. Mr. Thomas is a member of an antique tractor club in Brownsville and came to the fair with his friend and fellow club member Mr. Carl Warren.
  • Most Unique Equipment – 1952 Standard twin engine tiller entered by Barry Griffin and the Griffin family. This is considered to be the first garden tiller.
  • Game Changer – 1974 John Deere 6030 entered by Mr. Leslie Moffat. This tractor was the first turbo-charged John Deere and paved the way for larger and more powerful tractors that allow farmers to plant more ground.

We want to congratulate all of the winners listed above as well as all of those who took the time to bring their equipment to the fair. We hope to see all of these exhibitors back this year and hopefully they will bring more equipment and friends with them. This is a big part of our fair and we look forward to having a larger, more comprehensive display of equipment this year.

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