2018 Country Fair at Rosemark to offer Herding Dogs Exhibit

By: Mike Leggett

The 2018 Country Fair at Rosemark to be held Saturday, September 29, 2018 in Rosemark, Tennessee will, for the first time, feature an exhibit of “herding dogs”, as it pertains to agriculture. The most popular breeds of herding dogs are:

1)         Border Collie – These dogs are exceptionally smart and highly active. These are medium-sized dogs with great personalities.

2)         Rough Collie – These dogs are larger and calmer than their Border Collie cousins. They do well on the farm, as well as, a city home. Their high intelligence makes their training        easy and enjoyable.

3)         Australian Shepherd – These dogs are active, agile, and intelligent and are known best    for their obedience and ease of training.

4)         Old English Sheep Dog – These dogs are shaggy, able-bodied canines that have a strong             herding instinct that applies to anything that moves. This could be a flock of geese,    moving cars, or your small children. The breed is large, usually weighing 60-100 pounds   at maturity with a height of 20-22 inches. Their energy level makes training a must.

5)         Australian Cattle Dog – Like most other herding dogs, this breed is active, intelligent      and loyal. They are very protective and are wary of strangers. They easily take control    of animals many times their size. This breed is also known as Red and Blue Heelers.

The details of the Exhibit have not been finalized, but the plans are for a demonstration featuring a “herding dog” breed. Owning a herding dog is an experience that would be full of love, companionship, loyalty, and much more. With the right kinds of training, any of these dogs can offer you help on the farm and will become a true family member.

Plan now to enter your herding dog or dogs. For questions call or email me at mikeleggett.agpro@bigriver.net/901-832-6410.

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