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Believe the HYPE

By: Margarette Pirtle

Helping Young People Excel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created to collaborate with area churches as a scholarship outreach program. The H.Y.P.E. program awards one selected graduate from churches in the Arlington, Millington and Rosemark area with a new laptop and includes Microsoft Office software and virus protection. H.Y.P.E.’s founder, Ruthie Wilburn, believes that technology has become prevalent in today’s society, and providing laptops instead of money, that is spent before the first day of class, is very important. Laptops provide mobility and Wi-Fi access to complete their course work, discussion boards, and research needed to successfully complete their studies.

In H.Y.P.E.’s first year, the Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony was established, and nine laptops were awarded. The following year brought 14 graduates and this year, at the third annual ceremony, there were 12 graduates. It was an afternoon of empowerment and appreciation for the youth. The ceremony was held at the Baker Community Center Auditorium located at 7942 Church Street in Millington. The ceremony included community leaders and several local pastors of the churches that have partnered with H.Y.P.E. H.Y.P.E. values its youth and is striving to give them the support needed to achieve their academic dreams.

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