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Country Fair at Rosemark, September 29th

A record number of exhibitors, vendors and livestock participants have pre-registered for the Country Fair. If you want to be an exhibitor, go to and complete and submit an application. Applications are pre-screened to avoid duplication of exhibits.

This year will see the return of many old favorites including Terry Newman (Blacksmithing) who will introduce Jacob Chandler, his blacksmithing apprentice; Van Power with local honey plus information, equipment and demonstrations of the art and science of beekeeping; and both White Oak Farm and Triple L Angus with their thoroughbred horses and cattle.

Whether it is bird houses (Mike Miller Custom Designs), produce (Jones Orchard), history exhibits (Bob Fleming – WWI artifacts; Sid Witherington – Civil War memorabilia), outdoor and farm equipment, Master Gardeners, DAR, U.T. Extension, Wildlife, Art or Archery, you will find over 80 exhibitors, plus lots of music and a variety of food options at this year’s Country Fair at Rosemark.

For a preview of the September 29th Fair Schedule, see pg. 3 and follow us on Facebook or at

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