Message From The President

In a few weeks, we will present another Country Fair at Rosemark. What an ideal opportunity to celebrate our community and all of her assets. We need you! We need you to attend, but more importantly, we need your overall involvement.

The Community Development Committee (CDC) of H.A.R.E. accomplishes many things in a calendar year: renovating historic sites, placing personal markers, lighting the neighborhood Christmas tree, and hosting the annual agricultural fair. This means we need workers to accomplish this and much more.

Most organizations look for the right volunteers to complete these tasks. They look at certain skillsets, geographical location, or diversity. What about just making a difference in your home area? Moving the needle of growth in your community? Choosing the right volunteer, who is always part of the solution?

Look up – see the possibilities before you, and the need that is evident. Give back. Help us leave our area better than we found it.

Look at the heart – if you have a vested interest, then we can do great things. Nothing beats the heart of a volunteer.

Look to your current network – Good people refer good people. Identify and solicit people who are already serving in several capacities. Leaders are doers. We need doers on the CDC. Please contact me if you are looking to serve or be engaged.

Rev. Cary Vaughn, President, H.A.R.E., Inc. or (901) 289-1254

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