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Rosemark Telephone Exchange Museum

By: Lee Henwood

The Rosemark Telephone Exchange Museum continues its transformation into a bright, exciting community attraction. The house is steadily returning to its original condition of 100 years ago. The building has been reroofed and the exterior has been freshly painted. An inviting front porch welcomes visitors. Wood has been replaced and walls, floor, and ceiling are being stripped down to their original condition. The museum will have a temperature-controlled environment and a modern security system.

The Museum will show the history of Rosemark, the Telephone Exchange, and the surrounding area by displaying artifacts and other items relevant to the local history inside the museum. The museum will devote one entire room to the Rosemark Telephone Exchange, one room to local history up to 1900, and another room to local history from 1900 to the present.

Although the Museum will not be completed by the date of the 2018 Country Fair at Rosemark, it will be open for inspection by the public on September 29.

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