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Dedicate A Brick


Honor or celebrate a loved one while supporting the Rosemark Historic District by purchasing a brick.

Note: Once you have purchased your brick(s), a representative will contact you regarding your inscriptions.



Brick Donor Guidelines

Brick Size: 4″ X 8″

Text: Up to 20 spaces per line. 3 lines are allowed, but fewer lines can be used if desired.

In the interests of consistency, please follow these guidelines in placing your order. Bricks will be engraved in the following format:

Line 1: Name
Line 2: Military Unit or type of service.
Line 3: Military conflict or period of service.

Examples are listed below:

Line 1: Full names will be followed by a space. Initials will be followed by a period and a space.

Nicknames will be preceded and followed by apostrophes. Military ranks will not be included .
(Examples : George S. Patton, E. A. ” Buck” Thompson)

Line 2: Military unit will be described by National initials followed by periods, space, and branch of service.

(Examples: U.S. Navy – U.S. Air Force- U.S. Marine Corps – U.S. Army – U.S. Army Air Force- U.S. Coast Guard- U.S. Army NG- U.S. Air Force NG- C.S. Army)

In the event a veteran served in a state militia, rather than a national army, enter the militia designation, keeping it within the space limitations described above. This will app ly primarily for earlier wars.

(Example : S. Carolina Militia)

In the event that a non-veteran served in an auxiliary unit or supported veterans in other ways, they can enter a description of their personal service, keeping it within the space limitations listed above.

(Examples: Women’s Auxiliary, Family Member, Military Supporter, Patriot)

Line 3: U.S. military co nflicts are listed as follows: Revolutionary War- War of 1812 – Mexican WarCivil War- Spanish American War- World War One- World War Two- Korean War- Vietnam WarGulf War- Afghanistan

Veterans who were not in military conflicts can list their time or location of service.

(Example: Berlin – Germany – Japan)

(Example: 1976- 1980)


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